Doing Windows

Nobody likes doing windows. That’s no secret. And I’m not referring to the operating system (though it may even apply in some circles). No, nobody in their right mind likes to get outside with a bucket and sponges to wet down windows and try to get the nasty streaks out. Others will use a Windex(r) type spray and even newspapers to clean the wetness off. Not sure exactly where the newspaper idea came into being but I’ve always had print on the windows after I was finished using that method!

NOTE: using a cleaner such as Windex will ultimately be more hassle for you in the long run because it contains a chemical (?glyceride?) that will leave a slight film after a few cleanings. Just so you’ve been forewarned.

It’s really not a complicated process to get your windows looking crystal clean. On a recent forum I visit, someone suggested you toss the bucket through the window and clear out the shards for an absolutely clean and clear view of the inside or outside, but I digress.

First, it takes a customer. That person could be a friend or relative or even an actual paying customer, someone willing to fork over hard earned cash to have you clean their windows.

Next, you need to have some basic equipment. Throw away the spray bottle. That’s old hat and isn’t very effective. It will leave more streaks on the window than you want. You will need some cleaner. Strong dish detergent works (think Dawn) but there are other products on the market.

Another basic piece of equipment you’ll need is a soaker or something to transfer the soapy water to the window. Some call it a mop; some just a soaker. This piece of equipment wets the window down with the soap and water from the bucket. Simple.

Thirdly you’ll need a good squeegee and rubber to go into the squeegee. You’ll need professional grade rubber and a decent T-squeegee.

Of course you’ll need some decent rags to wipe off excess water with each full stroke.

And last, you’ll need some warm water to pour some detergent in. Many professionals do not recommend using too much detergent as that causes too many suds for the average cleaner.

You may need a ladder to reach some out of the way places.

And that about does it. You can probably pick up most of the tools listed above for less than $250 at a Home Depot or Lowes.

The main thing you’ll need when starting out is the drive to get a few customers.

It’s been said that getting customers is easy in this business; it’s the fulfillment that makes it a little difficult. It doesn’t have to be that way.