Carpets and Stuff

I’m starting this blog because I need somewhere to vent and write down my thoughts about cleaning carpets. I”m not sure how much I want to be in the industry but I think that perhaps this is what I was mean to do. No, I mean really. I’m learning all I can about the industry from methods and equipment and training to – ugh – marketing. Blech! Who needs it? Well, if I wanted a go at this, I’ll need it, and I’ll need a tactic or twelve to make that happen. More on that later.

There are a few blogs and forums (probably hundreds but I only know a few) that directly relate to the carpet cleaning industry. I find that amazing. Blogs that talk only about equipment and techniques and methods. Bitches and gripes. Moans and customer heartaches. All of these issues (and a ton more) are being aired online in relatively obscure posts and forums. Some of those posts, however, can reach epic proportions. Thousands and thousands of words. Graphics after graphic. Who would have ever considered that cleaning a twenty year old rug could be so time consuming and technically advanced? Rug. Oops, I’ve identified myself as a newb with that faux pas.

cimex_cleaning_machineAnd now more than ever the chemicals these cleaners use are worth every penny you pay for it – and then some. They really do what they’re intended to do. It gives new meaning to manufacturing great quality products. The Before and After shots of some of these places is astounding. What’s more is that now the methods they use are almost effortless. In most cases when people say “specially formulated…” they mean something very different than what customers hear. “Specially Formulated” brings up an image of winging it and an opportunity to jack up the prices. Why? Because they have the product and you have the need to use it. Simple supply and demand.

I’m referring to Very Low Moisture solutions or Counter Rotating Brush (CRB). With low moisture solutions, you can be out of the apartment or office and the solution in the carpet is almost dry. Many cleaners have never tried a low moisture solution because they’ve never had to use them. As long as someone is willing to dump hot water on your living room floor and vacuum it up (essentially what you’re doing with a steam cleaner or hot water extraction technique), that segment of society will always use the extraction method. Perhaps it’s old school or just what you’re used to doing.  It’s not right or wrong; just a whole lot more work to haul all that machinery around like the truck mount guys do.

From what I can tell having a low moisture solution changes the cleaning game entirely. VLM methods and machinery are affordable, easily maneuverable, and they just work great on pretty much any carpet. I’ll go into what is called “encapsulation” later as even that is a step up from the basic VLM techniques.